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The Firecracker Lounge

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A fan community of the show The Black Donnellys.
Welcome to the firecracker Lounge, the newest LJ fan community for the show, The Black Donnellys. The show is about four young Irish brothers are caught up in New York's underworld of organized crime (IMDB). Grab a beer and listen to Joey "ice cream"'s many stories [fanfic] and view Tommy Donnelly's art [fanart..icons..fanmx]. Just don't start any fights or you'll have to answer to the Black Donnelly brothers themselves. ;)

Credit for the gif: Source: whispering-no

So here's what you need to know!!

1. Everything you post must involve "The Black Donnellys" or its actors in some way. No promos unless they are related to the show/actors in some way (but don't try to spam the community too much).

2. All works are accepted here including but not limited to fanfic, drabbles, icons, gifs, wallpaper, picspams, friends only/livejournal banners, tumblr graphics and whatever else you can come up.

For Fanfic, try to keep have this format for your stories above the cut:

Title of your story:
Warnings (including Spoilers):

3. Tag your entries with the given tags. If you need a new one made, request a new one at this post.

4.Please credit the artists/authors who take the time to make/post something to this community and do not steal their work to claim as your own. Comments on their post are appreciated too.

5. Try to put large posts and spoilers under a cut. I know this show has long been cancelled but try to be considerate to new Black Donnelly fans who may just discovered the show. Also, limit icon posts with 3 teaser icons above a cut to the rest.

6. Be Respectful and welcoming to all members here.

7. Enjoy your stay at the Firecracker lounge. "Did you pay for that beer?"